How to Make Beautiful Relish (Series Intro) – In this series I’m sharing my expert relish making tips so YOU can make the best relish on the planet – at your place!

No, I’m not giving away my relish recipes (sorry, you gotta buy my book to get those), but I am sharing my shortcuts, techniques, tips and tools that I learned from making relish nearly every day and every week for four or so years.
Although a decent recipe is a large piece of the beautiful relish puzzle, these tips still ought to make a big difference in the amount of time you spend preparing, planning and preserving your own relish, and will ensure sell-out quality, taste-bud dancing batches every time.

A beautiful relish combines the scientific method of a great recipe with the creative artistry of a relish maker.

And yes, you can be a creative relish making artist. If you want to be.

This little series will prepare and guide you – kinda like a virtual mini relish-making workshop. I delve much wider and deeper into this in my book, however these micro lessons are excellent starting points. If you have a particular question or need further clarification somewhere, please do leave a comment here or along the way. I read every single one and would love to help.

I really miss making my relish and the therapeutic trance-like state I would shift into when making it, particularly when the sun streamed through my kitchen window and Sarah sing-a-long music was on in the background…  So, throw on some music, get comfortable and experience making some relish magic!

Here’s whats in the series:

(these part’s will become available as I complete them…)

The Jar Collection – Which jars (and lids) are the best to use, where to get them and how to start collecting them now

Tools & Equipment – My top kitchen tools and recommended equipment to save time, soothe stress and stop disasters. Plus my handy checklist.

Recipe of Ingredients – Making a relish based on your needs and the seasons. Plus choosing the best ingredients to combat food intolerance’s

Making the Relish – Preparing yourself. Preparing your kitchen. Preparing your jars. And Jarring your relish

Dressing the Jars – What info to include on your jar label, ideas for gifts plus recycling and refilling options

Let’s get started!  First up, you need to collect your jars

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the sneak peak and for taking me on the journey with you. I’ll start collecting jars.
    Ann 🙂

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