How to get out of bed to write. Or create. Every day.

I have been asked this a few times.
I’ve found there are lots of people who struggle with getting out of bed and sticking to a game plan (or creating one), and just well, getting on with getting on with it.
In my case it’s the writing, for others it’s the planning, the research, the marketing, or the design strategy. Or just the getting out of bed part.
Self-accountability can be tough.
And is one of the main reasons awesome ideas don’t see the light of day and books just don’t get written.
Particularly when you’re passed the excitable honeymoon phase of just starting out.
And you’re doing it on your own.

It’s harder than you think, and I would happily raise my hand and request a daily butt whipping if I knew it was going to keep me in line and on track with my own projects – especially writing every day.

I too struggle with routine – I get bored of having the same set of tasks to complete on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis.
I gotta “shake it up” like Ms Swift to keep motivated, stay interested and be productive.
So let’s kick that boredom in the butt and do this thing!
(And if I can, no excuses – you can too).

I recently stumbled upon the 15 Day Blog Challenge with Natalie Sisson (Suitcase Entrepreneur) – a free, social and fun online blogging challenge that started this month. I’m hoping it will set me up with some “good and proper” practices for 2015, and help keep me accountable and focused on this years mammoth writing journey. So here goes…

BlogChallenge15DayDay One Challenge: “What’s your Daily Success Plan?”

What gets you outta bed?
What powers you up?
What gets you going and keeps you going?
How do you get out of bed to write, or create, every day…?

The best person who can answer this is you.
Yep. Sorry, you gotta take the reigns on this one.
Although reading what other people do and how they set up their day can help, particularly those who are more focused, organised and productive than you are (like Natalie Sisson).

For me personally, I’ve always been one of those annoying people that can just leap outta bed. No sweat. No problemo.

My body, brain and digestion all function like superwoman between the hours of 7am-12pm.
Could possibly be even earlier but I don’t want to wake up my non-early-riser-who-goes-to-bed-around-midnight husband, Mr Relish. So it’s not unusual for me to spend the first 30 minutes of my day lying awake in bed training my mental gymnastics and trying to meditate.

Because I am a morning person and respond well to getting up sparrow fart early, I plan to pump out a lot of productive tasks during the morning hours and keep the snoozing, creative, less mind intensive activities to the afternoon.

Here is my quick daily routine:

Sleep for a minimum 8 hours per night (almost 10 hours now that I’m knocked up)

25 minute yoga routine / Meditation / Connect to baby time (or occasionally walk the dog after first breakfast)JupiterPetLion

Get my loves-to-sleep-in pet lion out of bed (our big white fluffy dog called Jupiter) and spend quick 10 minutes outside with her

Eat first breakfast: homemade muesli, fresh fruit, yoghurt (or smoothie if running late / slept in)

Plan my “productive” activities for the day (go over my “WHY” and read book/blog overview)

Spend 2 hours on “productive” activities (generally writing)

Eat second breakfast (by 10:30am): Herbal tea with egg, tomato and avocado on toast, light omelet or small savoury snack.

Spend 2 more hours on “productive” activities (more book writing, blogging or website design work)

LUNCH Break – about 1 hour

Between 1pm and 3pm is “Sarah Time”. I spend this time being not doing. My metabolism and body processes are busy during this time and I naturally start to get drowsy, become less productive yet can be more creative. I dedicate this time to what I feel like doing. Sometimes it’s vacuuming (very rarely), napping, sitting out in the sun, painting a door, crocheting a baby blanket, journal-ling or being creative. (This helps me to stay connected to me so I can write from my own truth. Very useful!)

3:30pm – Spend another hour on “productive” activities (including a summary of day / new tasks for tomorrow)

4:30pm/5pm – Walk the dog. Start preparing dinner… get sidetracked with something non-work related.

6pm – 8:30pm – Dinner and Mr Relish time. Evening spa to relax, wind down and get ready for sleep.

8:30/9pm – Bed! Zonked!

*This routine doesn’t apply to Tuesdays as I live out in the country, and Tuesdays are dedicated to going into town, doing chores, getting supplies, picking up our local eggs, making appointments and visiting friends and family. It’s dedicated to my non-writing-work, and sometimes housework.

**I also struggle to keep this routine during the weekend. Mr Relish is home and we typically spend a lot of time working on our property – inside and out or spending time together.  I suspect I need to add some “writing work hours” to the weekends very very soon…

So that’s it!
I’m still working out what works best (and found this routine changes when the weather is cooler) but am looking forward to learning other tips of how other productive, creative entrepreneurs set up their days so would LOVE to hear how you all do too…

If you have any extra tips or meditations you’d love to share or have a link to your own daily success plan, please share in the comments below!

Yikes, I gotta go make and devour my second breakfast, nom nom nom. It’s 10:58am – I’m behind already!


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4 Responses to How to get out of bed to write. Or create. Every day.

  1. So glad I ‘stumbled across you on Natalie Sisson’s 15 day blog challenge’. Very excited to be following you as a fellow foodie. Currently playing with Instagram @cookiesandclean >> developing word press site today!Yay!

    • Yes total foodie, can you see how my “daily success plan” is pretty much focused around my meals and food planned for the day (instead of around my blogging and writing). Haha, great to connect with you Vanessa, thanks for the message and goodluck with the DIY website… This too is all run on wordpress 🙂 Keep me posted on how you go! xx

  2. Love this and you’re technically not behind as you’ve just invested a few hours into planning out the rest of your days for the year in the best possible way. Thanks for partaking in the challenge and congrats on your upcoming book and baby!

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