Poem – A Very Quiet Celebration

We had a very q u i e t New Year celebration, due primarily to our recent baby news.
So quiet in fact, I was up at the crack of dawn watching the first day of 2015 roll in as the sun rose over our trees and property, and was inspired to write this poem. It’s a quick reflection on the years before, wonders about the one we’re in and to wish everyone the best year of their lives for 2015!

Our first very quiet celebrationpinkflyingheart

Big mama belly asleep by 10:30,
Quite a contrast to the years before –
Jumping off houseboats and dancing to Dirrty
Twas an early night in – no doubt there’ll be more.

But I’m not complaining, no not at all
Simply sharing from my little space,
Filled with gratitude big and tall
Plus blessings of pastels ‘n baby lace.

Two thousand and fourteen gave the grace to heal
To find more strength and family solutions;
Also score a set of fancy red wheels
And build upon last years resolutions.

Thus, as dawn rolls in little miss fifteen
I sit and wonder, dream in delight;
At the miracle of life, it’s unknown next scene –
And the power we have, starting tonight.

I wish you all – near and far,
the best year of your lives – wherever you are!

Happy New Year E v e r y o n e!

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