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This post is in response to Natalie Sisson’s (Suitcase Entrepreneur) free 15 Day Blog Challenge I am currently participating in (more info here).

Hot on the heels of sharing How to get out of bed to write. Or create. Every day with a daily success plan is the next step.
What the heck to focus your most productive time on to shake up your biz booty, and crank up your impact.

They’re the most important missions for your day, or what Natalie refers to as M.I.A’s (Most Important Actions). And they can change your world in half a day. Or an hour. And like she says, make you feel like a rockstar.

These are the things that you do first thing, before you do anything else that are going to push you further personally or professionally.
These are the priorities that will get you the most impact for the time and commitment that you’re putting into them.

Natalie Sisson, 15 Day Blog Challenge & Suitcase Entrepreneur

So let’s get on it!

What are YOU going to focus on today that could rock your world overnight?
What are your big fat daily priorities that are going to crank your business… right now.

Here are my top three M.I.A’s for the next two weeks:

  1. Funk up my website – Finish designing, creating and put live The Book, The Relish, About Me and Contact pages.**Top MIA**
  2. Write 1000 words towards my book every week day (Total of 10,000 words. Final draft quality words.)
  3. Add social media buttons onto website and get back in tune with my Twitter (@relishthis) and Pinterest accounts

And if, and I mean only if, I get all of these top three completed during the two weeks then I would also love to focus on:

  • Secure a business mentor that gets me, gets my vision(s), gets my needs, gets a near-similar timezone, and gets an appointment with me booked
  • Plan for and launch my first revenue generating content-based product (outside of my book)
  • Network like Mickey Mouse and build up a great gang of supportive, creative entrepreneur characters who are visionary, like minded and been there too

Let’s Rock-et baby!

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