When you just don’t feel like it

Something’s been amiss lately.
And I’ve been totally slack.
I haven’t written for months, which broke my monthly sneak peek promise multiple times in the process. And my own goals.

I didn’t actually forget to write, I wanted to, but I got, well, distracted.

And there’s a lovely little reason why

It’s not because I’ve been spending way too much time outside in the sunshine with Jupiter (my pet lion) or chilling out in my large over-weedy vegetable garden (see photo above). I could’ve easily still written at dawn, dusk and night.

And it’s not because I got scared and lost my voice like in Sydney when I couldn’t get my words out.
Nope, it’s not writers block.

It’s actually because I haven’t felt like it. Or felt up to it.
Or anything for that matter.
Here’s why:

There's a bouncy baby brewing in my belly

Yup, it’s a baby.

Mr Relish and I are both VERY very very excited.
We are officially over three months now and my swollen belly feels m a s s i v e already.
We’re due July 2015 and can’t wait!!!

And as you can imagine, is responsible for creating all sorts of productivity problems… already.
When the nausea, delight, anxiety, anticipation and exhaustion all took over, I just didn’t have the words, or energy, to write.
At all.

The few words I did manage were mainly between me and the big white telephone. And in my sleep.

I realise I haven’t had it nearly as tough as a lot of other amazing women – many who carry on with life like superwoman and handle nausea all the way through their pregnancy. I don’t know how they do it.

But thanks to a few previous, painful lessons, I learned the hard way the need to stop, drop and roll when your body (or soul) asks for it. The first time.

So I stopped my work pressures, dropped my writing schedule and rolled with the unwell tide.
And had a seasonal hiatus.

It did wonders.

In those moments, when you just don’t feel like it – like writing or working or reading or whatever it is you’re “supposed to be doing” – you really gotta stop and listen because it’s your soul crying out for a change, or a break. Or both.
When you really don’t feel like taking that next step (that you’ve probably been putting off for weeks) – then don’t. Whatever it is. Wherever it is.
You can always come back to it – if you have to.

There will be a really good reason why you’re feeling that way – your head just may not know what that is yet (and it may not necessarily be because you’re knocked up).
It’s probably more to do with needing a mindful rest and time away from what you’re currently dealing with, needing time for introspection, needing space for inspiration. The need to rejuvenate, relax and reconnect with clarity to help you make spectacular decisions. For your self.

When it feels like you’re up against a transparent tidal wave of force from the universe, it’s not the easiest, or smartest move, to keep fighting against it.

Life, project schedules, work pressures, people and things around you have a funny way of sorting themselves out (and accommodating you more), when you make the decision to put your needs first, let go of the pressures, turn around and go with your flow (and not someone elses)…
Try it.
Stop, drop and roll. Just like they taught us at school.
You’ll feel amazeballs.

Big things expected for 2015

Now I’ve had a few months off and we’re in the magical second trimester (when all the hormones, emotion, food aversions and exhaustion typically disappear and you start to feel like yourself again), I’m feeling rested and ready to crack the whip and get back to writing again.
And finishing this website.
And my book.
So please expect big things for 2015. Particularly now there’s an unavoidable and unalterable due date, I really need to get to work as I will be birthing both my babies this year!

I wish even bigger things for your 2015, thanks again for your patience and Happy New Year!



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5 Responses to When you just don’t feel like it

  1. You are a truly unique and amazing women with a lovely way with words. I have and keep learning alot from you hunni bunni xx

    • hello Carmen! Thanks so much, yes feeling much better now and looking forward to what this next chapter brings. Hope you and your delish gourmet brownies are still selling like hotcakes over there in Sydney. Miss you! xx

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