Book Update: Still half a book


Above is the latest version of my book progress banner and where I’m up to with the book…

I know, it’s a bit of a mess and doesn’t look too organised for a project milestone diagram (nor does it look like I’ve got much further since my last update)…

… but I promise, I’m definitely getting there.

Here’s the updated progress:

  • Current word count: 42 598 words (second draft – I had to rewrite the first draft)
  • Revamped Entire Book Outline (new “How to Really Build the Bones of a Book” post coming soon)
  • All New Chapter Summaries rewritten with detailed inclusions (exclusive content only for sneak peekers)
  • New Book Release Schedule with due dates (see below)
  • Committed to a Daily Writing Ritual (Got structured. Got organised. Got Natalie Sisson’s help)

As advised, inspired and some actually said by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur:


So here goes…

Here’s the new book release schedule with due dates:

1st Milestone (2014) – Reach 30 000 words DONE

2nd Milestone (May) – Finish writing final draft (approx 60 000 words)

3rd Milestone (June) – Professional editing and manuscript revision for Final Version

**Birth a real baby around here somewhere*

4th Milestone (August) – Start Crowdfunding Campaign

5th Milestone (September) –  Release First VIP 1000 copies of the book (printed)

**Plan to release a digital copy somewhere in here also**

Final Milestone (October) – Printed published book and official launch parties

Why the book’s delayed…

Despite taking three months off from writing (here’s the lovely little reason why), I’m really happy with my progress and the CLARITY I’ve found for the book.

The book itself is growing in leaps and bounds along with my confidence to share my writing voice. My courage is building as I step out and away from behind those relish-making apron strings!
It’s not been easy. I still falter and take wobbly steps. And freak out that I’m sharing so much so openly and honestly with the big wide world.
But it’s getting easier.

When I started this book back in March 2014 I had NO IDEA what I was doing or what to expect.
All I knew was that I had a story to tell, recipes to release and a whole lot of lessons, how-to’s and valuable insights I wanted to share.

I thought I would pump out this first book in about six months easy peasy, or 10 months – at a s t r e t c h.

Well, it’s been a YEAR and I’m still writing it. *Larf*dont push river timing kris carr
Like they say, “wanna make God laugh? Make plans”.
So like last year, these goals I set above are indeed made with the intention of actually following through with them and finishing this book, but I have to be flexible and go with what comes. Or what happens.
I can no longer simply apply the self-disciplined, highly motivated go-getter, all or nothing cookie cutter version of myself to this project – or anything for that matter – like I traditionally have done so in the past (i.e when I was winning cross country’s at school, over-performing at university, over-working in the corporate world and over-whelmed keeping up with the production of a few famous relishes).

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my first business love, Relish This, was Allowance, Trust and Letting Go.

Going with the flow of the tide instead of near-drowning while fighting off tsunami waves sent from the Universe has been a huge personal shift in the last few years.

And is now what I actively try to apply to all areas of my life.

So, the fact this book is a little behind schedule, or may become even more so, it is still totally on track for where it’s supposed to be.
And somehow I have to accept, allow and trust in that.
Even when every bone in my body wants to bear this book by June no matter what!

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