Mama To Be (Poem)

Mama to Be (Poem)

32 weeks and 2 days in
Less than 8 weeks
Or 59 sleeps –
We’ll meet our own tiny next of kin!

A new bouncin’ bundle
With your pair of dimples or my single one
My freckle face or your creamy skin
A spirited little girl or wee spunky son?

My heart’s made some room
Like she did before
To create new joy
And love another even more

The peace and quiet of just
You and me
For nearly two decades –
Forever will be now, Us Three.

How does it feel? How will we do?

Boy, are we gonna love you.

We’ll nurture your soul,
And nourish your life
With safety, love and respect
Not spoilt. Not lucky. Not strife.

For these three baby wishes
Is really all we can give
As the majority of your journey
Will be how you choose to live

So as your Mama to Be
I promise thee :
You will be safe
You will be respected
You will be loved
Always, for all eternity.

Baby’s 3 Wishes My latest DIY pallet sign is finally up on our nursery wall..

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