The Ever Expanding Evolution of a Book

I have been working on my book, “The Story of Relish This” for well over a year.
For the go-getting, pitbull-like, get shit done, perfectionist side of me – this is taking way too long.
For the learning to surrender, take a breath, Mama to Be and “go with the flow of the Universe” side of me – this is exactly where things needs to be.

Arghhh! #ConflictingMuch?

I have been wanting to write this book (and a few others) for yonks and finally plucked up the courage to announce it to the world and start writing it in 2014, after I’d had time to heal, reflect and transform from a challenging time. Both personally and professionally.

This book creation and writing process has made me feel like an incompetent loon. And it’s created a whole NEW conceptual mega-opportunity.

I knew it was gonna be epic, but this is just ridiculous.

Over the past 12 months I have promised to have my book finished by a certain date – then unplanned shit happened, like losing my voice and getting knocked up, which led me to breaking my daily writing schedule. So those well intentioned, self-imposed book due dates just quietly flew on by.belly-writing-blogging


Sadly, this has made me feel incompetent, indecisive, dishonest and c r a z y.
And it’s not like me.
Ok maybe I’m a little nuts, but definitely not this l a z y.

Like I said, I’m used to just getting stuck in 100% and completing a project like this with a pitbull-like attitude.

Doing it til it’s done.
None of this change the date, write when you feel like it kinda crap.

Sweat, blood, tears, vomit, broken glass, growing a baby, numb fingers, lost voice, hit by lightening (this did actually happen – it hit our house and fried our electronics and internet access while writing a section of the book) – nothing usually stops me.

No matter what. I’d still get it done.
I always have!
Until recently.

All the might, motivation, dedication, effort, daily writing schedules, chapter outlines, poems, monthly “sneak peek” emails and public good intentions in the world haven’t quite got me to a finished book.
Well, not on paper.

It would seem the Universe has other plans, and this story doesn’t want to be told the way I was planning on telling it.
Nor does it want to be made into just a book.

I’ve come to realise, there is something bigger at play here, and it isn’t keen on participating in my small and limiting one book idea.  It wants more!

Over the incubation period of our baby, (in particular the first six months of this year), I have been busy nesting, creating and listening.
I have felt forced into a baby-building-bubble which also forced me to put my ambitions, rational intentions, time pressures and book writing on the back burner. I had some growing up – and growing out – to do.

teenytinybootiesI exploded into a creative frenzy, dabbling in all the colourful projects I’d been wanting to dabble in for months (some years), as had previously seen them as just distractions to my “real work”. Distractions and preparation tasks (aka “nesting”) I could no longer put off thanks to the imminent arrival of our baby.

The clarity, creativity, visions and ideas I received from being in this left brain, creative space, has been magical.
And having this little soul in my belly cracked that door open wider to even more magic.babynappies

It was tough initially to unchain and let loose my inner pitbull (rational mind) and to ALLOW and GIVE myself this time to create. To be. To un-work. To indulge. To listen. But I did it and now see how wrong I was not to have a fair balance of both.

(I share more about this in a recent blog post here: The Power of Creative Distractions (& Why you gotta have them!) as well as the oh so vital importance of allowing and receiving in this blog post here: The Dirty little Secret of Giving Too Much).


Sarah, all this deep and philosophical stuff is great, really, but what the HECK does it all MEAN?
What’s happened to your BOOK?

A new evolution, a new brand, a new family, a new endeavour


While I’ve been in this creative space of new discovery, my belly clearly expanded and so did my book.

The Story of Relish This and everything it represents (i.e. my past, my present and where I’m headed) has turned itself into a multi-media extravaganza of mass proportions.

A conceptual evolution. A new, bigger opportunity.
A new version release, a total re-brand, a business transformation and a personal transition.

It’s evolved into an entirely new mega-concept.

A concept that includes the book, a workbook, cheat sheets, manifesto’s, illustrations, tools and accompanying workshops; it’s own website, an entire How To online program with streaming videos, downloadable content products and group startup strategy sessions; intuitive biz clarity cards and so much more.

I can no longer market all of this under the “Relish This” or “The Story of Relish This” banner.
Instead, it falls more fittingly under the umbrella of well, me – Sarah Ladyman Bax – a personally branded venture, providing a range of new products and services.

(To connect and find out more about my new branded venture, feel free to join the new Sarah Ladyman Bax facebook page where I will update once the launch commences).
Note: A “rebrand” announcement blog post explaining more will be added here soon – a link will also be supplied here when it’s ready.

Little did I know, but the decision to create a Relish This comeback and share my story via a book wasn’t just the beginning of a little writing venture – it was the beginning of a completely new version of myself.

In order for me to create all of this has meant I needed time to step out from behind “what” I was known for, and into “who” I am to become.
I knew I’d eventually need to do this when I first announced the Relish This comeback – but wasn’t sure WHO that was going to be or WHAT that would really look like.

Interestingly, it was this book and my process of trying to manifest it into the world which has made me step out of my comfort zone, out from behind the safety of my relish making apron strings (and everything relish related), and into the shoes of an author, a speaker, a strategic consultant, a website designer, a copywriter, an artist and a creative entrepreneur. And even a Mama to Be.

A lot of which I’d never done before. Nor knew how to.
A lot of which is outside the scope of writing a book.

It’s been daunting, humbling, frustrating, surprising and a little scary, but in going through it, I’ve found my voice and direction to take.

Or more accurately, it has found me.


So this is why the book has been delayed.

Why it’s an Ever Expanding Evolution of a Book.


And why I’ve struggled to just “get it done” and pump it out like usual.

Why I’ve had to spend the last 12 months writing blog posts, sneak peek emails, social media updates and chapter outlines…

To get to this point of clarity.  To see the full picture. To stop playing small.

I’ve had to wait until I had the clarity to know which smaller steps to take in the direction my heart had been subtley leading me towards all along.

Point to Note: Your heart already knows what you want next, what you love, where to start, what way to put your best foot forward, why you are drawn to certain people, places or products. Or when to really start writing that book.
You just need to relearn to connect and listen to it, by quietening all the other noise hooning around in your head…

I started out writing last year with my pitbull mind making the decisions, forcefully trying to push words onto the page, and planning to finish the book within a short amount of time.
The last 12 months have revealed a completely different plan.

Last year I was ready to write a short book based on a business I built from my kitchen.

This year I’ve realised I’m actually ready to create an inspiring, multi-faceted, big enchanting adventure, based on the desire to dare, dream and empower others to create from their own hearts and their own creative genius.

So what’s next?

Our real baby.

I’m going to focus on the birth of our baby, and the delicate time of nurturing our little newborn, before tackling the birth of this new endeavour.
It’s funny how I’ve always likened the birth of a book to the birth of a baby however didn’t realise it would be the other way around.

(Little baby Bax was born on 19 July 2015. You can view photos here).

Want to learn more about my new venture? Join my brand new Sarah Ladyman Bax facebook page to receive updates as soon as I make them.

Thanks for listening and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!
Would love to hear from you xx

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