Introducing Little Baby Bax (Poem)


Romeo Bax

19 July 2015
6.3 Pounds / 2.85kg
Ascendant / Soul Sign: LEO |  Sun: CANCER  |  Moon: LEO

He’s finally here
All safe and sound,
Our beautiful bright boy
Just over six pound.


Born with a roar
Amongst spirit and star,
He’s a real little monkey
– Cheekiest by far!


With a head full of hair
And a smile to boot,
He looks like his Daddy
So he’s gonna be cute.


Not much of a sleeper
He’s so aware, awake and alert,
And full of fears, tears and tummy wind
Its tough seeing him hurt.


Sleepless hours roll into days
Long days fall into weeks,
These first few months as parents –
‘Tis not for the weak.


Our new life with a baby
Is slowly becoming the norm,
A messy routine of love and care
With a new family to form.


My hearts been stolen
By this spunky soul,
A charming little man
We’ve named Romeo…


He’s also all over my Instagram feed if you want to see more spunky pics and see our life with him as he grows…

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