Relish This at Good Food & Wine Show

Hello, I’m Sarah.


Creative entrepreneur, speaker, strategic consultant, writer, artist and lover of r e d.

I earned a savvy Ecommerce Degree in Marketing & Business in New Zealand, and landed a promising corporate career in strategic Marketing in Sydney, Australia.  I endured corporate life for 8 years, until I ran away from it in 2007 to chase my creative dreams and start a successful foodie empire called


Relish This was a six figure gourmet food business that I started, packaged, grew and nurtured from my tiny kitchen, to a commercial kitchen and eventually into an outsourced manufactured product range.

My saucy range of gluten free relishes were made with love and pretty famous. But a few promises were broken, contracts were cancelled and my products were trashed.
I heart-breakingly, had to close the business in 2012 right when my successful start up was building wide momentum.
I was devastated. Yet learned a heck of a lot.

So, now I’m slowly writing a book to share my entrepreneurial journey to inspire other creative people just like you  and release my famous relish recipes.

Take a peek inside the book


SarahBioGreyFrameSarah Ladyman Bax is a creative entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, writer, artist and founder of a popular range of gourmet relishes (Relish This – It’s not just for Nanas).  Sarah and Relish This have been featured in numerous publications including The Sydney Morning Herald’s – Good Food Guide, Not Quite Nigella, Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN), and voted tastiest preserve at Sydney’s Good Food & Wine Show (by the attendees).

Sarah has a passion for heart-based business and is currently writing her first book, The Story of Relish This (Part Memoir, Part Cookbook, Part Business how-to), to share how she built a six figure foodie empire from her kitchen, to inspire others and release her famous relish recipes.

Sarah is applying her personal start-up experience and transformative heart-based business strategies to fuel a love-led revolution with new workshops, resources and speaking engagements all planned to empower other creative women to get out of their kitchens (or lounges) and into the marketplace with their own creative product.
She wishes to become an advocate for entrepreneurial ventures created with kindness, and crack open the traditional business landscape to change the way “we do business”. She is currently planning an innovative, social enterprise in the rural suburb she now resides in, with the hope to remake room for the magic, power and potentiality of community.

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I’m incredibly passionate and honest (if I was a guy, you’d call me Frank), love heart-based, creative business and am addicted to wholesome, natural, spray-free food (and growing my own veges) – sooo I have a bit of a thing for cooking… All of which lead me to start Relish This.searecharge

Originally from the beach town Tauranga, in New Zealand, I moved to Sydney, Australia with Mr Relish when I was just 21 to see the world and chase ambitious dreams. Just over a decade later we decided to move home to same said beach town to get married, settle down and find a self-sufficient home in the country.
We recently found and bought our dream home, complete with enchanted forest!

I’m mum to two fur-kids, Astral Ninja (the cat) and Jupiter Jane (the puppy), finally did marry the love of my life, Mr Relish and had our first bouncing bundle of trouble (our baby boy) in July 2015.

My first book, The Story of Relish This was originally due in 2015 however the arrival of our little boy has stopped my writing dead in it’s tracks and I’ve had to delay it further, til at least 2016.

7 Things You May Not Know About Me:

redheartbullet Mr Relish is my longtime, spunky, “high-school sweet heart”. Although we didn’t quite meet at school.

redheartbullet I got married in relish red. And we gifted tiny jars of my beetroot apple n orange relish labelled with our love story as wedding bonbonerrie (Photos coming soon).

redheartbullet I won a scholarship to live and go to school for a year in Osaka, Japan when I was 16 years old. I could fluently speak, write, think, dream & joke in Japanese when I returned. Today, I remember “sukoshi dake”.

redheartbullet I have a Capricorn Sun with a Pisces Ascendant and really fancy metaphysics.

redheartbullet I can see aura’s, especially when people are truly expressing from their heart (like singing on stage, playing with children or dancing on the beach) and have a built-in bullshit detector in my eye sockets.

redheartbullet I love to sing when washing the dishes and driving, and recently found myself in my first stage musical called Scarlet Woman.

redheartbullet I taught myself to crochet and love making handmade blankets as gifts when I’m not writing, gardening, dancing, cooking, eating, painting the walls, pictures or furniture.

My personal life is woven throughout articles, pages and posts on this website and in my upcoming book, however if you want to connect more – I do share snapshots you can follow on Instagram Twitter Pinterest and Facebook.