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Beetroot Apple n Orange

A savoury sweet balsamic blend of caramelised red onions with a subtle burst of tangy lime

 Best Served with: blue or goats cheese, on grilled fish, a steak sandwich or vegetarian lasagne/frittata.
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Ingredients: red onion. brown sugar. balsamic vinegar. lime zest n juice. yellow mustard seeds. cardamom. salt. pepper. a little bit of love

Health Benefits: Onions contain vitamin C, potassium, fibre, folic acid, calcium, iron and protein. They’re rich in a variety of sulphides, which are believed to help prevent heart disease and lower risk of cancers. Red onions have a therapeutic content, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-allergic and many other healthy components.

Lime juice is high in vitamin C, boosting immune function and is one of the most powerful dietary anti-oxidants.

Spunky little red onions
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