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Beetroot Apple n Orange

Refreshing flavours of sweet beetroot and apple, with a twang of ginger, earthy cumin and a sparkle of orange!

Best Served with: Strong or salty cheese like feta, swiss or creamy blue. Over roast lamb, chicken, turkey, baked salmon or mixed into a green leafy salad.
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Ingredients: Beetroot. apple. red onion. orange juice. balsamic vinegar. red wine vinegar. brown sugar. ginger. cumin. cinnamon. salt. pepper. a little bit of love

Health Benefits: Beetroot is rich in potassium, magnesium, manganese, folic acid, zinc, iron, sodium, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6. It aids liver function, produces anti-oxidants, and cleanses our kidneys, spleen and gall bladder, as well as having cancer fighting properties (particularly colon), heart disease protection (lowers blood pressure and cholesterol) and anti-inflammatory properties.

Oranges are abundant in vitamins, mainly loaded with Vitamin C to again boost your immune system and aid with iron digestion.

Beautiful bossy beetroot
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