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Mango n Chilli
Mango n Chilli Relish

A sticky sweet seasonal relish filled with golden lumps of mango, popping with ginger and a little bit of chilli

Best Served with: Creamy brie or camembert cheese, over fresh prawns (or any seafood), on pancakes or Xmas ham. Also compliments a fish or chicken curry very very nicely.
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Ingredients: fresh mango. apple. red onion. sugar. white wine vinegar. fresh ginger. fresh chilli. all spice. cinnamon. salt. pepper. a little bit of love

Health Benefits: Mangos are high in vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, copper and vitamin A, which all contribute to maintaining a healthy: immune system, cells and skin, vision, red blood cell production, and controlling heart rate and pressure.

Ginger is known for it’s medicinal anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus used as a digestive aid to indigestion, stomach cramps, nausea and more. Rich in vitamin B5, B6 and potassium, contains manganese, copper and magnesium – all crucial to optimum well-being!

Limited Edition: This seasonal relish was only produced during the Australian mango season (over summer), thus was known as our very exclusive “limited edition” product. It was always in huge demand – we couldn’t make enough of it – and it typically sold out not long into the New Year…You gotta try it!

Sticky sweet mango
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