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Red Capsicum Chilli
Red Capsicum Chilli Relish

Packed with chunky morsels of red capsicum, tomato and apple in a sweet scarlet sauce with a little (very mild), or a fair bit (feisty) of chilli

Best Served with: A tasty cheddar or brie cheese, on any meat, whirled through hot pasta or added into any Mexican dish
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Ingredients: red capsicum. tomato. chillies. zucchini. apple. currants. red wine vinegar. sugar. ginger. garlic. chilli powder. yellow mustard seeds. cumin. salt. pepper. a little bit of love

Health Benefits: Red capsicums, tomatoes and chillies are full of vitamin C and rich in beta carotene which we convert into antioxidants and vitamin A. All of these are vitally important for your skin, vision, immune system, cell and protein development and even your heart.

Chillies contain capsaicin (the pepper heat), this helps fight cancer and inflammation, soothes digestive disorders, clears sinus and relieves congestion.

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